Parklawn Apartments
Parklawn Apartments

Parklawn Apartments

602-610 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
Parklawn Apartments is a thirty (30) unit, three level garden style apartment building located in the best location on Park Avenue. The units include a living room, kitchen, dining room or dining area, and a full bath. The two bedroom apartments also have a powder room. Heat, hot water, and garbage is included. All units have air conditioning. Onsite service technician, with 24-hour emergency service is available for all tenants. Our user-friendly online portal makes rental payments and service requests easy and efficient. Newly renovated common areas, including brand new laundry room, with all new updated laundry equipment available for use by all tenants. Storage rooms available as well. Our hard-working service team and office staff make this complex the perfect fit. Quality service is the fundamental value that has made us Rochester’s best real estate management team year after year. Contact our office to book a showing today!



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Historic Interior

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